Room VII. Castle

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PRICE OF ROOM is 80,- EUR per night without VAT (12%) and without holiday fee ( 2,- EUR per person per night). Price of extra bed is 15,- EUR without VAT per person. WEEKENDS ONLY FULL = TWO NIGHTS.
CENA POKOJU wynosi 345,- ZL za noc bez podatku VAT (12%) i bez opłaty uzdrowiskowej (8 ZL za osobę za noc). Cena za dodatkowe łóżko wynosi 70 ZL bez VAT za osobę. WEEKENDY TYLKO PEŁNE = DWIE NOCE.
This room is located upstairs in the attic and we call it the castle room not because it has any special castle facilities, but simply because it is the closest to the castle.
The specialty of this room, like the other three in the attic, is the massive amount of light and the view offered through the transparent roofing. These rooms offer by far the best views in Mikulov. While other rooms in the hotels have classic small windows in the walls or even smaller skylights and dormers, here a large part of the roof is glazed. The strange thing is that these windows cannot be seen from the outside and the NEBESYS roofing looks completely unrecognizable.
This room also has a bathroom, of course, but also a kitchen and a staircase that leads to the attic at the top of the truss, where there is a skylight with a view to the other side. Here you can usually accommodate children or, in the case of larger groups, other members of expeditions.

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